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Adverse Weather Conditions ProceduresOfficials shall evaluate the situation with a SAFETY FIRST approach.  A guideline for resuming a game after a lighting/thunderstorm is to wait 30 minutes after the last visible sign of lightening and/or audible sound of thunder.  School regulations and guidelines governing the waiting time will take precedence.

Concussion ProceduresIf there is an concussion during a game, an official must complete the OSLA Concussion Report.  This form documents that a player has been removed from a game in accordance with U.S. Lacrosse and OSLA Rules due to exhibiting signs, symptoms and/or behaviors consistent with a concussion.  The official should complete this form and forward it to OSLA within 48 hours after the conclusion of the game.  It is recommended that the official keep a copy of this report.  Click here for the form.


Timer/Scorer Duties Information:  Please review & print attached Official Timer and Scorer Responsibilities new for 2017 and posted on 3/26/2017.

Game Change Form:  Please use this form to coordinate with the SOWLUA assigner if you need to make game changes.  

Block An Umpire:  If a coach wishes to block an umpire, please submit this form to 

Coach Umpire Evaluation Form:  The umpire evaluation form can be completed and submitted here

Peer to Peer Umpire Evaluation Form:  The umpire evaluation form can be completed and submitted here.


Equipment (uniforms, whistles, etc.):   Officials are responsible to procure their own equipments such as uniforms, cards, whistles, etc. (reference the Umpire Manual).  SOWLUA does not endorse or have special relationships with any vendors for uniforms and equipments.  The links provided on SOWLUA webpage exists for convenience; it is not mandatory that SOWLUA umpires purchase equipment from these sites.  


Central Ohio Women's Lacrosse Official Association

Illinois Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Board

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