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                     Becoming an Official


What can I expect?


The first year as an official can seem quite daunting.  There are classroom sessions, on-field training, evaluations, testing, purchasing equipment, and of course learning all of the new rules.  Luckily for you we've been through it before!


What steps do I take?


SOWLUA utilizes a proven curriculum designed with you in mind.  The certification steps meet requirements for US Lacrosse and OHSAA certification.  The training offered incorporates video, interactive activities, feedback, and assessments to ensure you readiness on the field.

How do I register?


Are you ready to take the first step in officiating?  


Once you have read the requirements, send an email to to find out when next training sessions will be held.

           Official Training Requirements

New Official Requirements:

  1. Be a member of U.S. Lacrosse (annual renewal required)

  2. Be a member of SOWLUA ($35 annual membership fee, fill out a membership form here). 

  3. Attend the Annual Rules Interpretation Meeting.

  4. Submit an application for and obtain a OHSAA permit number OR add Girls Lacrosse to an existing OHSAA permit

    • ​OHSAA is the sanctioning body in Ohio for the sport of girl's scholastic lacrosse

    • A member new to OHSAA may create a profile through MYOHSAA.

    • In the event that you are already an OHSAA official you can add Girls Lacrosse to your permit.

  5. Take and submit the most current U.S. Lacrosse Official Test. Link to the test is here

    • ​Please log-on with your Arbiter credentials. 

  6. Get concussion education:

    • House Bill 143 requires officials to complete online education. Complete the NFHS training here or the CDC's online training here.  Umpires must e-mail a copy of the certification to SOWLUA and carry a copy of the completion certificate.  

  7. Take the U.S. Lacrosse Online Course.  Instruction on how to enroll is here (6MB).    

  8. Complete the annual official training, session 1 (basic rules), session 2 (advance rules), session 3 (field training) and session 4 (examination). 

  9. Get Field Rated.  

  10. Read the most current U.S. Lacrosse Official Manual. 

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