Southern Ohio Women Lacrosse Umpire Association

Interested in officiating? 

If you are interested in becoming a women's lacrosse official in the Southern Ohio region, please review the requirements found on our Requirements/Training page and send a message using our contact form to receive information about future training.  

Keep it fair.  Keep it safe.  Keep it fun!

Upcoming Events: 

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Announcements:   Check back often for new updates!  

  • If you are interested in officiating with SOWLUA in future seasons, please fill and submit this form.

  • OSLA has an addendum for High School procedures.  Please check the High School page. 

  • Eyeware (eye protection gear) should be compared to the list approved by US Lacrosse.  The list can be found here.

  • All lacrosse balls used to play must include the words, "Meet NOCSAE standards."

For directions to manage your game in Arbiter, click here for a presentation. 

SOWLUA Liaisons

Chapter Liaison:  Bill Strietmann

High School:  Pat Dunn

Middle School:  Roy Zupan

Youth: Stacey Morton

Message from the Assignor:  

It's good practice to e-mail/call your host coach/school and parter either the day before or morning of games. 

Arrive at the game site 30 minutes before start time. Use this time to check the field conditions, talk to the score keeper and timers about their duties, and do pre-game discussions.  Pre-game talk should include (but not limited to): new rules, expected level of play, unusual situations, and field coverage (line colors). 

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High School Umpire fees:  

  • ​One JV or one Freshment HS games, two umpires, $50 per umpires
  • Two High School games (one JV and one Varsity), $110 per umpires, two umpires per game.

Communicate with your assignor (John Hunt) if your have any issues!