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April 20, 2015-

DO NOT leave sticks on field during weather delay.

* All equipment should be removed from field during a weather delay. Tell coaches and captains during pregame, that players are to take their equipment with them to safe place, if game is delayed by weather. Officials should note where ball is, player with ball, if penalty setup, etc. Does not matter where players were behind restraining line or where they setup when play is resumed-no advantage for either team. Use honor system to trust girls to go to nearest spot when play resumes for those below restraining line. If coach objects-its safest way to resume play. This is not in rule book.

Apr 15, 2015-

Middle School and 5/6th grade A Level Game Procedures:

* 25 Min running clock halves.
* Clock stops in the last 2 min of each half, and at timeouts.

* NO PASSING RULE (except after a free position in stead of a draw when                  USL requires one pass).

* Modified checking.

April 2, 2015


* We use OVERTIME RULES that are different than what is listed in the US   

   Lacrosse Rule Book. The only level that plays overtime is Varsity.  All   

   other level games can end in a tie.
* Varsity will play one sudden victory, 3 minute overtime.  If  

   the game is still tied at the end of 3 minutes it will end in a tie.

​* (See further explanation on High School page)

If you are interested in officiating, please submit this form.

For directions to manage your game in Arbiter, click here for a presentation. 

SOWLUA Liaisons

Chapter Liaison:  Bill Strietmann

High School:  Pat Dunn

Middle School:  Kyle Scully

Youth: Stacey Morton

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Anne Murphy; President

Jeff Kruse; Treasurer

Sean Murphy; Secretary

John Hunt; Assignor


Al Brauer

Patt Dunn

Lissa Fickert

Stacey Morton

Kyle Scully

Bill Strietmann

Dean Yates