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Become a Women's HS  Official

Interested in becoming a member of Southern Ohio Women Lacrosse Association?

NOTICE: You must be 18 years of age or older to register.

Thank you for your interest in officiating women's lacrosse. The following has been developed to give you an idea of what officiating lacrosse entails.


Hopefully, after reviewing the information, you will decide to participate in this satisfying and rewarding avocation. 

If you are under 18 and interested in youth officiating, please click here: 

 Getting started as a SOWLUA official will require of you the following:

  • Time and Dedication to the sport and organization

  • Eagerness to learn

  • Application to become a new official

  • Attendance at a new officials clinic

  • Completion and Passing of the US Lacrosse rules test

  • Completion of Ohio Concussion Training (Valid for 3 Years)

  • Completion of Safe Sport (Valid for 2 Years)

  • Completion of Background Check (Valid for 2 Years)

  • Become a member SOWLUA

  • Become a member of US Lacrosse

  • Become a member of OHSAA

  • Attaining a field assessment (Rating) (take place late February or very early March; you must be available to attend one in order to get certified to umpire games)

  • Email address

  • Cell phone

  • Physical endurance

  • Willingness to have FUN and ENJOY the game of lacrosse



The training program consists of both classroom and on-the-field training and includes the study of rules and mechanics; observation of games and scrimmages; and participation in regular meetings.

The classes are concise and of great value. On occasion, players and coaches may also attend the training sessions to brush up on various aspects of rules and game situations. 

First year officials must attend a training clinic. A fee is required to cover compensation of the trainer(s) for the clinic, as well as your on-field certification (rating) and your annual dues.

Once your new official classroom clinic training has been completed, you will take the US Lacrosse rules test: you must achieve a minimum score of 85% (or retake the test until you do).

Upon successfully passing the test, you will be scheduled for a field assessment (rating) at another date. There are usually a few weeks delay from your classroom training to when you are scheduled on the field. It is important that you continue to study your rule book/manual and to practice your foul signals and the blowing of your whistle. At some point after your classroom training, you will be contacted by a SWLOA mentor. This higher level official will be your guide, trainer, sounding board as you work your way through your new officiating experience.



US Lacrosse does not approve of or encourage the use of unrated umpires. As an affiliate of US Lacrosse, SWLOA requires all umpires to become US Lacrosse rated umpires. 

Along with US Lacrosse, SWLOA is committed to ensuring that all umpires have proper training and the skills necessary to keep the game safe. The rating process acts as an integral part of the improvement and training of umpires. The levels of umpires (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) and the requirements are described in detail on the USL Officials Certification page.

Along with your rating, you will receive a numerical value (1, 2, 3) that will indicate the number of years your rating is good for (ex. Level 1 2-year, which is good for 2 years).

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