Officials Roster and Ratings 

SOWLUA is a member of U.S. Lacrosse, Super Region 5:  Great Lakes Region.  We are directed by an Executive Committee and Council as described in our Bylaws.      

SOWLUA - Officials Roster 


    Lissa Fickert

    Chip Rogers  

      Rating Definitions:

      Junior:  16-18 years old, in high school

      Youth:  Adult Officials who officiate games below the high school level.

      Apprentice:  Adults in training to control a lower level high school game.

      Local:  Secure in controlling any high school game.

      District:  Secure in controlling high school and some college level games.

      National:  Secure in controlling all college level games.


      Michael Brondon

      Jesse Hunt

      John Hunt

      Diana McLouth

      Bill Strietmann

      Katie Ziegert


        Lynsey Burton

        ​Lamar Hill

        ​John Hoff

        Nigel Masamvu

        Chrissy Reuss


          Lily Baldwin

          ​Julia Dillhoff

          Margaret Dowd

          ​Ariel Morton

          Abigail Morton 

          Ishaq Nadir

          ​Emmaline Russell

          Samantha Short

          New Officials

          ​Farirai Berejena​                               Philip Bolling

          Remy Irvine                                     Richard Irvine

          ​Via Lloyd-George                            Brad McDonald

          Kelly McDonough                            Katie McElveen

          John Meyer                                      Richard Myklebust

          Brad Murphy                                    ​Brad Renken

          Kyle Scully ​​                                         Bailey Thatcher

          Anthony Wills                                   Joe Werbrich


          Felix Bere

          Loryn Bryson

          ​Maeve McGoff

          Ishaq Nadir

          ​Josphat Tafirenika

          Jennifer Tesak

          David Vance 


          Todd Aldrich            Al Brauer 

          Jessica Budaj​             Keith Dillhoff

          Patricia Dowd           Pat Dunn

          Marie Foy                 Stan Givan 

          Langdon Guenther   Chris Hofmann

          Jeff Kruse                 Mark Luft 

          Kelly McDonough     Tim Moore 

          Stacey Morton         Tony Overstreet

          Gary Rogers             ​Mike Shea      

          Ted Stewart             Sarah Sunderhaus​​

          Brett Yenger​             Hillary Young