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Local Board Chair - Katie Ziegert

Vice Chair - Bill Strietmann

Treasurer - Michael Brondon

Secretary - Todd Aldrich

Membership & Ratings - John Hunt

Rules Interpretation - Lissa Fickert

Mentorship - Al Brauer

High School Liaison - Pat Dunn

Middle School Liaison - David Vance

Youth Liaison - Stacey Morton​

Recruiting - (open)

Website - Mark Luft

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Southern Ohio Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Announcements & Updates 

​New & Upcoming 2nd year Officials:
Coach Eddie Clark of Sycamore High School has graciously opened up a Classroom next month for SOWLUA to use to conduct Training for New and Officials who were NEW last year.  Attending these classes will prepare you for the upcoming 2018 Girls Lacrosse season which will soon be upon us. 

Many of you on this list have contacted SOWLUA via our website, or through our email desiring to become a Girls Lacrosse official.  Others, who have been around the game for many years and became officials last season for the first time can use this highly recommended training to become better at your craft.

Also, this class will only include new or new last year officials.

This will be the first of TWO (2) sessions available for the upcoming season.  Completion of these THREE (3) classroom sessions is mandatory to become an official for Girls Lacrosse in Southwest Ohio.  The 2nd session will be held at a location TBD the week of January 

Dates:  December 12-14, 2017
Location: Sycamore High School (Classroom location will be emailed prior to first session)
7400 Cornell Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242
Class Times: 7pm-9pm


We look forward to each and every one of you attending and joining the rest of SOWLUA members on the field for the upcoming season!  This is a great opportunity to become part of the Country's fastest growing sport as a referee or to enhance your new skills learned last year and take them to the next level!

Todd Aldrich
SOWLUA Board Secretary

Southern Ohio Grant Applications for US Lacrosse Convention

​League Chairs, HS Coaching Org Leaders, and Officials Presidents,

Can you please forward this note to your respective distribution lists so that all our programs in the area have the information?  Included in the email are the Convention Grant Application for Coaches & Officials, and the Program Grant Application.  Convention Grant Applications are due by November 30th and Program Grant Applications are due by December 31st.

As discussed at our Chapter Meetings, the chapter is providing grants to programs and individuals within the chapter as part of our 2018 Chapter Initiatives.  Grant recipients must be in good standing with the Chapter and US Lacrosse National.  Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to Kevin Carroll, chapter president ( and Dan Utt, Grant Chair (, or you can bring them to the next chapter meeting.

Questions regarding the grants can be sent to Kevin Carroll (
Thanks you for your support regarding out 2018 Grant Initiatives,
Kevin Carroll

Click for Convention Grant Application and Program Grant Application


January 19, 20, & 21

LaxCon, Baltimore - National USL Convention

January 23, 24 & 25

​New Officials Classroom Training (3 Days) - Location & Time TBD

January 27 

New Officials Classroom Training (1 Day)  - Location & Time TBD

February 3

Rules Interpretation Meeting - Time and Location TBD

Returning Officials Training (Virtual) - Date & Time TBD

March 3

Youth Playday and Officials Field Ratings - Wyoming Rec Center & Time TBD

March 10

High School Playday and Officials Field Rating - Sycamore HS & Time TBD

March 11

Dayton HS Playday and Officials Field Rating - Chaminade-Julianne HS & Time TBD


DeBeer Goggles which are NOT legal for play any longer!


​​Letter from Jenn Close | Program Coordinator | Ohio High School Athletic Association:

It has come to my attention that teams/players are still using the DeBeer goggles which are NOT legal for play any longer.  This message was sent to coaches at the beginning of the season and has just been send out again today. 

Please make sure that all officials also have this information:

The email is a reminder to all coaches to please check all eyewear on your girls lacrosse team.  As of January 1, 2017, the only standard that is allowed for legal play is ASTM 3077.  DeBeer eyewear are NOT considered legal eyewear and are not permitted to be worn in any competition per US Lacrosse standards. The most updated list of legal eyewear can be found here:

 A complete list of all complaint girls lacrosse equipment can be found at:

Thank you
Jenn Close | Program Coordinator | Ohio High School Athletic Association
4080 Roselea Place, Columbus, Ohio 43214
614-267-2502 ext. 129

More information to follow

Rules Changes Announced for 2017!!!

Please click here to read about the new rules changes for USLacrosse for the 2017 season.

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